The Stretch Unfolds: A New Project

Another always popular update post, this time featuring a major announcement and a minor announcement.

Major one first. I have something new for you to read, but you won't find it here:

I will be posting All the Stars Within Our Grasp, my last complete novel-length manuscript, via the email newsletter service Substack. I'm doing it there and not here for a few reasons - mostly to try and reach a new audience, but also because this site's traffic is clearly bot-dominant and I'd like to know how many human readers I have. The newsletter is free, and if you don't want to receive the emails you can also just read it on the Substack page. Supplemental posts will be available here, and eventually the whole thing will be available for download (gratis, of course).

Speaking of downloads, a minor announcement: The Fabulist is now available at another venue, It's,, and if you do download a copy, I hope you'll also rate it. Every little bit helps.

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