Sometimes I Try to be Witty

Hello there. I'm currently in the process of moving (not a long ways, just across the city), so things are a bit hectic here. Don't worry, I'll still have a short story up this week...although you can read them all for free right now by clicking here and entering the coupon code XF44B. Just by doing that simple thing, you'll be helping...


In between devising creative ways to pack up the surprisingly robust collection of fragile objects I've accrued over the past year, I have had time to make a few videos on my stellar history of rejection. Witness:

They are, I think, somewhat interesting little asides - not too angry, somewhat witty, possibly even insightful. You would be doing me a favor by watching these (or rather listening to them, as they're mostly audio).

I'll be back soon with the next short story.

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