Cavalcade of Rejection

A party of warriors put their skin on the line after intruding on the self-imposed exile of an accursed old hermit. To save her people, a young woman travels into a fog-choked valley of sacrifice in search of a sacred beast. Tasked with running a special job for a reclusive man, a low-rent thug is haunted by dreams about what's inside the parcel shackled to his wrist.

These are just a few of the failed stories to be found in this volume. Are they the mediocre products of a bitter, unexceptional would-be writer? Or are they hidden gems, saved from annihilation at the hands of snobbish gatekeepers by modern technology? Or are they just somewhat interesting stories? Decide for yourself as you explore an aquatic extraterrestrial civilization obscured beneath layers of ice, or walk the streets of a future world made perfect by the magic of marketing, or run with the coyotes through a sin-haunted prairie.

Tales of the alien, the paranormal, the surreal, and above all the rejected.

"The Cavalcade of Rejection" is a collection of speculative short stories that were repeatedly rejected by markets.


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