Another Blast from the Past

In a previous post, I mentioned in passing that I had moved All the Stars Within Our Grasp from Substack to Inkitt so that it would be easier to access from China. I probably should have announced that with a bit more fanfare. Ahem:

Go Read All the Stars Within Our Grasp on Inkitt!
Now Updating Monday-Wednesday-Friday!
What are you waiting for? It's already half done!

There we go.

So I've had that account for a while - a good four years, back before the rising tide of werewolf porn threatened to overtake the internet publishing scene. There were things over there that I dimly recall shopping around in some earlier phase of my life. Among them was this:

The first novel I ever wrote, the one I initially didn't even bother querying because it was so odd that I didn't see much hope for it. Nerd World dates back to 2013, with the last rewrite coming in 2016 before I gave up on it once and for all and dumped the whole thing on Inkitt.

So was I ever shocked to learn that people had been reading it - not a lot, but a nice steady number every month since I put it there in late '16. I think more people should read it - this is, after all, my personal favorite among my works, even if it's not, strictly speaking, the best. As I said, I wrote this not intending it to sell at all, so it represents a sort of artistic purity beyond even that of something as personal as The Fabulist.

Anyway, I would like this thing to trend such that it floats atop the wolfman smut, if only for a few days. So please read Nerd World, tell your friends about it...and of course, don't forget about All the Stars.

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