About the Author

Born in rural western Kansas, ANDREW JOHNSTON discovered his Sinophilia while attending the University of Kansas. Subsequently, he has spent most of his adult life shuttling back and forth across the Pacific Ocean. He is currently based out of Hefei, Anhui province. He has published short fiction in Nature: Futures, the Arcanist, Mythic and Laughing at Shadows.


  • "The Angel of El Escorial," published in the Wavelengths anthology
  • "An Important Message from Sagittarius A," published in The Arcanist, October 2017
  • "The Invasion Will Be Slightly Delayed," published in Aurora Wolf, November 2018
  • "Kill Screen," published in Electric Spec, May 2019
  • "Love Song of a Long Gun," published in the Unrealpolitik anthology
  • "A Moment of Cruelty," published in Mythic #7, Summer 2018
  • "Overdue Notice," published in the Laughing at Shadows anthology.
  • "Starless Night," published inĀ Nature: Futures, March 2018